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Stable Wellness is the equestrian program provided by The STAND Foundation that takes a holistic approach to equestrianism. This low-cost equine therapeutic sport program not only helps marginalized youth gain confidence in their equestrian and rodeo skills, but also strengthens their mental capacity to unknown lengths. Using equestrianism and life-skills training, the participants are empowered to develop feelings of empathy as well as the ability to communicate their needs and feelings in healthy ways.

1. Equestrian Everything

Our Equestrian Everything Workshop is an all inclusive experience. We provide transportation to our farm and these are the classes that groups engage in: 

  • Horsemanship and Basic Riding: This experience introduces the sensitive and curious ways of horses to the students  

  • Equine Themed Thera-Art: This experience provides an emotionally safe space featuring equestrian themed art projects emphasizing positive self-care 

  • Mindfulness: Through a calming and inspirational yoga class, the students will learn about the purpose of yoga and meditation as well as how to include Mindfulness into their daily lives. 

  • Nutritional Literacy: The students will go on a nutritional journey that will help them make healthier choices.

2. Great Outdoor Adventures 

When learning about horses, you will not only learn about the animals themselves, their care, safety, and the basics of riding; but you will also learn about responsibility, patience, good work ethic and much more. There will also be other fun activities for you to enjoy, such as:

archery, boating, art, and so much more!


Be sure to join us because you do not want to miss out on all the excitement and fun!

3. Know Thyself Heal Thyself



you are more important than you realize.

your love can generate more love.

your ideas can create a movement.

you can change the world

--W. Faucette

4. "Free Your Mind" Winter Wellness Retreat ​

A magical weekend in the mountains to find your soul with Equine Themed Art Experiences, yoga, meditation, horseback riding, snow boarding, budgeting, shopping, cooking, spa and more. 

5. Equestrians On The Rise 

Take English hunters and equitation riding lessons with STAND. Lessons are offered for all riding levels with the opportunity to become a part of our Fall 2022 Show Team!

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